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Meet at Chateau Mcely

The meeting areas at the Chateau, such as the Golden Hall, Studiolo Library and Plate, Tea, and Theatre Salons within the Piano Nobile restaurant, are well-equipped to accommodate gatherings ranging from small groups to up to 70 attendees. To foster diversity in meeting settings and inspire creativity, sessions in the chateau halls can be complemented by ventures into the English park. For larger assemblies or utmost confidentiality, the option of exclusive rental of the chateau is available. Moreover, all meeting spaces are equipped with air conditioning for optimal comfort.

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Golden Hall

An exquisite hall situated on the first floor, adorned with expansive windows that flood the space with natural light. It boasts a quaint balcony offering panoramic views of the meticulously landscaped grounds. The hall can accommodate up to 54 individuals for meetings and up to 30 guests for gala dinners.

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Studiolo Library and Other Spaces

Studiolo Library: Nestled atop the tower, this intimate space serves as a sanctuary for presentations, workshops, and smaller team consultations. It also doubles as a haven for journalists. Adjacent to the library lies a rooftop observatory, complete with a telescope for stargazing. The maximum capacity of the Studiolo Library is 10 people.

Other Spaces: Various halls on the ground floor of the chateau, featuring grand French doors within the Piano Nobile restaurant. Additional facilities include the Alchemist Club with its wine cellar, the glass-enclosed Bellavista Patio, and the Agape Presidential Suite.

English Park: Enhance your meeting experience by utilizing the park's facilities, which include:

  • Meditation garden
  • Scenic viewpoint from a majestic fallen oak
  • Charming garden gazebo
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