Chateau Mcely, Czech republic

A Place like no other

  • chateau mcely drone shot with vast forrest
    Chateau Mcely, Central Bohemia
  • chateau mcely garden sunny
    Chateau Mcely, Central Bohemia
  • meadows chateau mcely
    Chateau Mcely, Central Bohemia

Retreat from the urban hustle and bustle to the charming Bohemian village of Chateau Mcely

drone shot landscape chateau mcely

Chateau Mcely embodies ancient history, remarkable positive energy, balance, and harmony. It is a realm of wonders, profound rest, incredible stories, and a haven where destinies shift. Here, love is experienced to the fullest, and everyday concerns fade away, making it a place that is difficult to part with and effortless to cherish eternally. There truly is no place like Mcely.

swimming lake chateau mcely

The inception of Chateau Mcely aimed to craft a haven where individuals could immerse themselves in the elixir of life, drawn from an endless source. Visitors seek solace here, to rejuvenate and reconnect with the enchantment coursing through the neighboring countryside. Above all, it is a retreat to heed the whispers of their own souls—those messages often overlooked in the hustle of everyday life.

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Location capactiy

max. 70 people


Closest Trainstation


1 km

Closest Airport

Prague Airport

93 km

Closest Cities

Mlada Boleslav

21 km


24 km


65 km


Chateau Mcely

Mcely 61

28936, Mcely

Czech republic

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