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castle loucen bar

Central Bohemia Czech republic


Loučeň Castle is a remarkable historical landmark that has been carefully maintained over time.


Herberstein Austria

Herberstein Castle

A stunning castle surrounded by enchanting gardens and right next to a Zoo, Herberstein offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and historical charm.

Cerveny hradek Library

South Bohemia Czech Republic

Červený Hrádek

Like a fairytale come to life, Červený Hrádek boasts enchanting charm and architectural marvels, leaving visitors enchanted by its allure.

horn castle lower austria side parlour

Horn Austria

Horn Castle

A beacon of history and culture, Horn Castle's imposing presence is matched only by the warmth of the community that surrounds it.

tillysburg castle blauer salon

Scharten Austria


A historical gem, Tillysburg preserves the legacy of its noble past, inviting guests to wander through its fascinating history.


Artstetten Austria

Artstetten Castle

Rich in cultural heritage, Artstetten Castle is a treasure trove of art and history, where visitors can immerse themselves in the legacy of this magnificent castle.

castle seggau drone shot leibnitz

Leibnitz Austria

Seggau Castle

Perched on a hill, Seggau Castle showcases a harmonious blend of architectural styles and stunning vineyards, making it a haven for history enthusiasts and wine lovers alike.

caslte fischhorn austria conference table

Zell am See Austria

Fischhorn Castle

With its splendid location and awe-inspiring architecture, Fischhorn Castle creates a serene and unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Hochzeitsschloss Hollenburg Hueboden Weinduell Abstimmung Foto Abothek

Krems an der Donau Austria

Hollenburg Castle

Proudly perched on the Danube, Hollenburg Castle offers a serene retreat amidst nature's beauty, inviting guests to explore its history and enjoy breathtaking views.

greillenstein castle lower austria room

Greillenstein Austria

Greillenstein Castle

Embodying a fairytale charm, Greillenstein Castle captivates hearts with its picturesque setting and romantic architecture.

rosenburg castle event hall

Rosenburg Austria


A true fairy tale castle, Rosenburg captivates with its towers and turrets, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a world of knights and princesses.

party event at castle clam

Klam Austria


Nestled in the picturesque Austrian countryside, Clam enchants visitors with its rich history and fairytale-like charm, offering a delightful escape to a bygone era.

castle steyregg upper austria hall conference

Steyregg Austria

Steyregg Castle

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Steyregg Castle offers a glimpse into the past while inspiring admiration for its captivating beauty.

castle lamberg steyr eventroom

Steyr Austria

Lamberg Castle

With its noble heritage and graceful interiors, Lamberg Castle exudes a sense of regal elegance and timeless grace.

riegersburg castle austria white hall

Riegersburg Austria


Perched atop a rugged hill, Riegersburg stands as a symbol of strength and resilience, offering panoramic views and a glimpse into a storied past.

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A castle is a perfect fit for a wedding

Choosing a castle as your wedding event location offers a blend of majestic elegance and practical versatility, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable celebration. Castles inherently provide ample space, accommodating a large number of guests with ease, ensuring that your special day is as grand and inclusive as you envision. The multiple on-site locations within a castle - from a stately reception area, a grand dining hall, to a vibrant party space - allow for a seamless transition between different phases of your wedding. This means that each part of your celebration, whether it's the ceremony, dining, or dancing, can enjoy its own unique setting without the need for transportation between venues.

castle friedberg bridal flowers

Furthermore, the architectural beauty and picturesque landscapes surrounding castles offer numerous ideal spots for stunning wedding photography. With such a naturally beautiful backdrop, couples often find there is less need to spend on additional decor, as the scenic charm of the castle and its grounds provide an already breathtaking setting. The varied and scenic locations within a castle not only enhance the visual appeal of your wedding photos but also add a touch of historical and romantic ambiance that can hardly be matched by any other venue. Opting for a castle as your wedding venue ensures an amazing and visually striking experience, making your special day both magnificent and memorable with the added convenience of having everything in one place.