Discover amazing castles to visit or to celebrate your event.

We embark on a journey throughout Europe, carefully selecting magnificent castles that capture our hearts. These breathtaking finds and thier stories are found on House of Castle for your inspiration.


Theresa & Niko Lobkowicz, Founders House of Castle

A castle is a perfect fit for a wedding

Choosing a castle as your wedding event location offers a blend of majestic elegance and practical versatility, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable celebration. Castles inherently provide ample space, accommodating a large number of guests with ease, ensuring that your special day is as grand and inclusive as you envision. The multiple on-site locations within a castle - from a stately reception area, a grand dining hall, to a vibrant party space - allow for a seamless transition between different phases of your wedding. This means that each part of your celebration, whether it's the ceremony, dining, or dancing, can enjoy its own unique setting without the need for transportation between venues.

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Furthermore, the architectural beauty and picturesque landscapes surrounding castles offer numerous ideal spots for stunning wedding photography. With such a naturally beautiful backdrop, couples often find there is less need to spend on additional decor, as the scenic charm of the castle and its grounds provide an already breathtaking setting. The varied and scenic locations within a castle not only enhance the visual appeal of your wedding photos but also add a touch of historical and romantic ambiance that can hardly be matched by any other venue. Opting for a castle as your wedding venue ensures an amazing and visually striking experience, making your special day both magnificent and memorable with the added convenience of having everything in one place.