fortress Most, Czech republic

A 13th-century Fortress

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Hněvín Castle stands as a true gem within Most and the wider Most region. Its captivating exhibitions, set against the backdrop of the Mostec Basin and the Krušné Mountains, position Hněvín as a focal point of intrigue for both residents and visitors of Most.

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The Oasis up on a hill

The stunning vistas and thoughtfully restored castle grounds provide an unparalleled ambiance for weddings, engagements, or pre-wedding photoshoots. Beyond just exchanging rings, you'll depart with cherished memories destined to endure a lifetime.


During World War II, the Lobkowicz family left their Czech estate due to Nazi occupation. Maximilian Lobkowicz served as an ambassador in London and for the Czechoslovak government-in-exile. Nazi forces seized and damaged the castle, using it for Nazi youth education. After the war, Maximilian Lobkowicz returned, repaired the castle, and worked to recover the family collections. In 1948, the Communist Party came to power, leading to his departure and property confiscation. Collections were scattered across the country. The castle served various purposes, including a military school and art gallery. The Lobkowicz family regained their property after restitution laws were enacted. The military music school, which rented the castle, closed in 2008, leading to repairs and restoration of the building.


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Hněvín Castle

Hradní 577

434 01, Most

Czech republic

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