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900 years and still inovating. The Monastery in Želiv, located in the heart of the Czech Republic, offers a complete resort atmosfere.

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Monastery Želiv is located in a baroque building of the former Premonstratensian Želiv Monastery, situated in the peaceful environment at the confluence of the Trnávka and Želivka rivers, 10 km away from the D1 highway - exit 90 (Humpolec). The unique atmosphere of the monastery spaces, founded over 870 years ago, remains even after the extensive reconstruction of the hotel. Thanks to artistic decoration and replicas of historical furniture, you will experience a unique stay in the heart of Vysočina. HOTEL KLÁŠTER ŽELIV is suitable both for overnight stays during your business trip across Vysočina and for family, corporate, or tourist stays with the possibility of excursions to nearby landmarks in Želiv, Pelhřimov, or Humpolec.

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Želiv Monastery

In 1139, Prince Soběslav I of the Přemyslid dynasty, along with his wife Adlétou, invited Benedictines from the Sázava Monastery to the confluence of the Želivka and Trnava rivers in cooperation with Olomouc Bishop Henry Zdík and Prague Archbishop Daniel. However, they did not stay long. Henry Zdík twice went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and during his second visit encountered the Premonstratensians. Their more modern way of life, including pastoral care in parishes, inspired him to call the Premonstratensians to the Czech lands. He first established a male monastery in Strahov (1143) and a female monastery in Doksany (1143/1144), immediately afterwards he called the Premonstratensians to the Želiv Monastery, who arrived from the present-day German-Dutch border, from the Steinfeld Monastery led by Brother Godšalk.

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The initial Premonstratensians at Želiv were surprised and uncertain when they found that the monastery had been led by Benedictines. However, they were not deterred and traveled through Strahov to the confluence of the Želivka and Trnava rivers. The Benedictines returned to Sázava, and the Premonstratensians began successful evangelization efforts. The first chronicler of the Želiv Monastery, Blessed Jarloch, shortly after Godšalk's death, became the abbot of Milevsko, a monastery founded by the Premonstratensians of Želiv. They further established a monastery in Geras (Austria) and three sister monasteries in Louňovice pod Blaníkem, Kounice, and Pernegg (Austria).

The monastery experienced several tumultuous periods, and it is miraculous that after several fires during the Hussite Wars, after being ravaged by Hussites and having its buildings confiscated by King George of Poděbrady, it managed to revive its inner life after approximately two centuries. This was certainly helped by the Strahov abbot Questenberk, who in the first half of the 17th century bought the confiscated property of the monastery from the Trčkas of Lípa. The Premonstratensians also resolutely faced the reforms of Emperor Joseph II and preserved their existence during the complex history of the 20th century.

During World War II, the monastery was forcibly taken over by the Nazis, some brothers were taken to concentration camps, and the Luftwaffe was stationed in the occupied part. Nazis also hid their children here for safety. After the war, during Operation K (Operation Monasteries), the Communists transformed the monastery into an internment camp for priests and religious. Along with the Slovak monastery in Podolínec, it was one of the strictest prisons for prominent clergy, including Cardinal Tomášek and Archbishop Otčenášek. From 1956 until 1991, the monastery was transformed into a psychiatric hospital.

It is rare in the world to find a Catholic monastery that has served as the residence of a Protestant family in history, a prison for priests, or a hospital. Despite everything, with God's help, the Premonstratensians were able to return to the valley of Želiv happiness, where they are rebuilding community and striving to live according to the founder's ideals.

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