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Wasserburg is a hidden gem about an hour away from Vienna boasting a park fully equipped with pool and tennis court. Enjoy an amazing vacation or a truly special event.

  • wasserburg castle moat
    Wasserburg castle, lower austria
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    Wasserburg castle, lower austria
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    Wasserburg castle, lower austria

Enjoy a truly amazing time at Wasserburg castle. With its beautiful park its an ideal place for either a relaxing holiday, or a wonderful workshop

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Calm down, and enjoy

The castle is located 80 km west of Vienna, near the Danube landscape Wachau, which is known for its vineyards, monasteries, castles and small old villages - a beautiful place for sightseeing tours. The history of the castle dates back to the 12th century and today it presents itself as a romantic baroque castle surrounded by a pond with fish, various species of ducks and other water birds.

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Thoroughbred horses graze in paddocks in the historic park, in the shade of huge old trees, where you can discover many romantic picnic spots. In the historic rock garden there is a large swimming pool (22 x 14m) with a bathhouse and a sand tennis court. Near the castle there are several beautiful golf courses for golfers.

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Location capactiy

max. 20 people

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Closest Trainstation

HBF St. Pölten

10 km

Closest Airport

Vienna Airport

95 km

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St. Pölten

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Wasserburg castle

Grasbergstraße 31/32

3140, St. Pölten


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