Chateau Třebešice

chateau Čáslav, Czech republic

The Art Of Living With Art

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Experience the distinctive allure of a place where the past and present, history and the future, nature and culture seamlessly blend together.


Design comprehended in a Renaissance Chateau

Château Třebešice is a quaint Renaissance countryside castle, complete with its own home farm. This enchanting complex of rural structures hails from various historical eras and is nestled within expansive grounds graced by abundant water features and exquisite gardens. It's conveniently located just 5 kilometers away from the historical monuments of Kutná Hora, one of Central Europe's most captivating cities. You have the opportunity to uncover the splendor of the Czech countryside while enjoying the comforts of an exceptional private residence. Surrounded by historic edifices, contemporary art, and an abundance of blooming flowers, this setting is truly one of a kind. Join us in the exhilarating journey of restoring this extraordinary place, which lay neglected for decades but is now steadily returning to its original grandeur, one step at a time.


Experience the charm of staying in a Renaissance château at Třebešice. This isn't your typical hotel; it's a private residence, lovingly inhabited by its owners and open to discerning guests. Here, you'll encounter a captivating blend of history and authenticity, seamlessly intertwined with contemporary artworks that defy photographic representation. Wander through our idyllic English country-style gardens, embark on explorations of the enchanting Gothic city of Kutná Hora and its environs, or simply unwind and savor the tranquility while relishing the flavors of our homegrown cuisine.

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Location capactiy

max. 70 people

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Chateau Třebešice

Třebešice 1

286 01, Čáslav

Czech republic

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