castle St. Florian, Austria

Castle Tillysburg is the perfect location for an unforgettable event. Located right next to a golf course its ideal for a business meeting or workshop

  • tillysburg castle side
    Tillysburg castle, upper austria
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    Tillysburg castle, upper austria
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    Tillysburg castle, upper austria

Tillysburg is most likely the best location for a casual business workshop since the golf course is right next to the castle

tillysburg castle front
tillysburg castle drone

The perfect golf weekend

Tillysburg Castle is a perfect castle for an unforgettable event. Take advantage of our wide range of options to give your guests an unforgettable day. The indoor and outdoor facilities of Tillysburg Castle are well suited for any occasion.

tillysburg castle library

Tillysburg Castle offers a unique ambience for your wedding or celebration. The combination of beautiful landscape, historic castle and modern event location offers you a choice of possibilities for your dream celebration. Due to the different rooms, a unique design of your party or celebration with appropriate decorations is easily possible.

Ready to plan your big event at Tillysburg castle?


Location capactiy

max. 200 people

Nearby recreation

Golfclub St. Florian

0 km

Waterfall of Traun

17 km

Metzenhof Golf

10 km


Closest Trainstation

HBF Enns

6 km

Closest Airport

Airport Linz

25 km

Closest Cities


22 km


36 km


22 km


Tillysburg castle

Tillysburg 1

4490, St. Florian


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