castle Steyregg, Austria

Steyregg Castle is an ideal place for large gatherings such as conferences, weddings or other events. A wide array of amenities support your every need.

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    Steyregg castle, upper austria
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    Steyregg castle, upper austria
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    Steyregg castle, upper austria

The noble residence reveals historical aspects from times long past and offers a little insight into history, which dates back thousands of years...

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With a view of the Danube

Steyregg Castle is situated on a mountain near the provincial capital Linz and offers a variety of venues for events such as company anniversaries, Christmas parties and weddings. The Rittersaal with its open roof construction and modern lighting and sound technology is ideal for larger celebrations and is known for its excellent acoustics.

castle steyregg upper austria hall conference

The adjoining Panorama Hall offers views of the Northern Alps from the Ötscher to the Dachstein. For a smaller gathering, we recommend the brick and stone vault, which offers a particularly rustic atmosphere. In good weather, the Paradiesgarten is one of the most beautiful places for an unforgettable outdoor celebration. The proximity to Linz, the spacious parking area in front of the castle and the largely handicapped-accessible expansion make Schloss Steyregg the perfect place for your event.

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Location capactiy

max. 320 people

Nearby recreation

Linz town center

8 km


Closest Trainstation

HBF Linz

10 km

Closest Airport

Airport Linz

18 km

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8 km


32 km


136 km


Steyregg castle

Schlossberg 1

4221, Steyregg


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