castle Riegersburg, Austria

Enjoy Riegersburg, a true marvel of southern Austria. Experience truly amazing views of the beautiful surroundings.

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    Riegersburg castle, styria
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    Riegersburg castle, styria
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    Riegersburg castle, styria

Enjoy truly mindblowing views at the Riegersburg

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The view reaches as far as the Wechsel, Hungary, Slovenia and the Großvenediger. First mentioned in a document in 1138, the castle complex was extended to its present size in the 17th century by Katharina Elisabeth Freifrau von Galler.

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Once the strongest fortress in the west

Riegersburg myths, adventures and scary stories entwine around the impressive landmark of south-eastern Styria. Riegersburg Castle, which has never been conquered during its centuries of existence, was once considered the strongest fortress in the West. Today it is a popular destination for excursions. Perched on the towering basalt tufa rock of a former volcano, it offers a magnificent view over the surrounding gentle hilly landscape with the forests, vineyards, meadows and fields of the market town named after it.

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In 1822, Riegersburg Castle passed into the possession of the Liechtenstein family, which still actively cares for its preservation today.

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Riegersburg castle


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