castle Nelahozeves, Czech republic

Possibilities are endless at Zámek Nelahozeves, one of Bohemia’s finest Renaissance castles built in the 16th century

  • front view nelahozeves zamek
    Zámek Nelahozeves, Central Bohemia
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    Zámek Nelahozeves, Central Bohemia
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    Zámek Nelahozeves, Central Bohemia

Located 35 kilometers from Prague, this 16th-century estate stands as one of Bohemia's most splendid Renaissance castles, perched majestically above the Vltava River.

Sharing the past, creating the future.

Nelahozeves stands as a prime illustration of the castello fortezza architectural style, resembling a chateau-like residence adorned with simulated defensive elements such as ornate bastions and a bridge devoid of a moat. This style, considered highly contemporary in the mid-16th century, endures to this day in the Castle's genuine facade, having undergone minimal structural alterations over the centuries. Furthermore, the intricate sgraffito decorations, a technique involving the scratching of a top layer of color to reveal colored plaster beneath, have been carefully preserved and partially restored on the northern wing of the edifice. These artworks, depicting scenes from ancient mythology and the Old Testament, stand out as some of the most remarkable features of the building.

view from vltava nelahozeves zamek
nelahozeves castle old image painting

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Castle served as the residence for The Order of the Sisters of God’s Love, a religious institution dedicated to unmarried and widowed noblewomen. This institution was graciously sponsored and maintained by Princess Wilhelmina Lobkowicz (1863–1945), the daughter of Moritz, the 9th Prince Lobkowicz (1831–1903). Following her passing, Wilhelmina was laid to rest in the village cemetery, marking the end of the Lobkowicz family's residence at the Castle. However, in 1948, the Castle fell under the control of the Communist regime. Subsequently, during the late 1970s and 1980s, the Castle was repurposed by the Czech Regional Gallery to showcase modern socialist art, along with selected artworks from the Lobkowicz family's collection. It was not until 1993 that the Castle was returned to the Lobkowicz family through a process of restitution, leading to the immediate inauguration of a temporary exhibition. In 1997, the first permanent exhibition, titled "Six Centuries of European Art Patronage," was established, featuring a remarkable selection of works from the Lobkowicz Collections. The Castle's current permanent exhibition, Private Spaces: A Noble Family

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