castle Central Bohemia, Czech republic

Loučeň Castle is a remarkable historical landmark that has been carefully maintained over time.

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    Loučeň castle, Central Bohemia
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    Loučeň castle, Central Bohemia
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    Loučeň castle, Central Bohemia

It's set amidst an expansive park designed in the elegant English style, which offers visitors something truly exceptional - 12 intricate labyrinths and mazes unlike any other found throughout Europe.

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Prepare to be a-mazed

In the Middle Ages and the early modern period, Loučeň alternated between not very well-known and important names of owners. The Thirty Years' War brought a fundamental change to the history of the estate. In 1623, the Valdštejn family came to Loučeň. Since then, Loučeň has not been sold, which indirectly indicates its value.

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The fact that two other noble families successively became its holders after Valdštejn was due to the fact that the previous families did not have male descendants. Each change of the coat of arms on the Loučeň estate after 1623 (the castle was subsequently ruled by the Fürstenberks and after them by the Thurn - Taxis family) was thus a consequence of the marriage policy, when a female heir from the previous family introduced a new family to Loučeň by her marriage.

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Loučeň castle

Loučeň č.p. 1

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Czech republic

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