fortress Kufstein, Austria

Kufstein Castle is an amazing Fortress right in the city of Kufstein. Kufstein castle is ideal for business meetings, workshops, events such as weddings and partys - a perfect combination of work and relaxation

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    Kufstein fortress, tyrol
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    Kufstein fortress, tyrol
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    Kufstein fortress, tyrol

The more than 800 year old castle, with a strategic position above Kufstein provides visitors with a fantastic overview of the Inn Valley

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kufstein fortress sunset

An emperors view of the Kaisergebirge

Kufstein Fortress is a historic castle that was first mentioned in 1205 as "Castrum Caofstein" and was then owned by the bishops of Regensburg. Duke Ludwig der Gebartete reinforced the fortifications in 1415. During the Landshut War of Succession in 1504, Emperor Maximilian I laid siege to the town and fortress of Kufstein, conquered it and had it expanded into a fortress.

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In the 18th century, a fortress bridge existed Kufstein, but during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1703, Bavarian troops invaded Tyrol and captured the fortress. In 1704, however, they had to vacate again when the Tyrolean peasants rose up against the Bavarian occupation. The Peace of Pressburg in 1805 brought the fortress back under Bavarian rule, but in 1814 it fell to Austria when Napoleon's empire collapsed.

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Location capactiy

max. 200 people

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Kufstein town

0 km

Kaiserlift Kufstein

2 km

Tischofer Cave

3 km


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HBF Kufstein

1 km

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Airport Innsbruck

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Kufstein fortress

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6330, Kufstein


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