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Your perfect venue awaits at Castle Křinec! Unveil the majesty of a 17th century gem, just an hour from Prague. From weddings to corporate galas, we provide historic spaces overflowing with charm. Embark on a journey through history with public tours during summer. Indulge in luxury accommodations in our newly designed castle apartment. Let Castle Křinec create memories that last a lifetime.

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Your dream venue awaits at Castle Křinec!

Escape to the 17th century: your dream venue awaits at Castle Křinec! Just an hour from Prague in the Central Bohemian region, our family-owned castle is perfect for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, and more. Immerse yourself in the characterful atmosphere of our historic spaces - we'll assist with event planning and provide all necessary equipment. Visit Castle Křinec and let its charm enchant you. We believe our spaces will create unforgettable memories for your event. Contact us today, and let us help you plan your unforgettable occasion!

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Exploring Křinec Castle is a captivating journey through the tumultuous history of noble families who owned and, at times, lost the castle over the centuries. It's a tale of rises, falls, and near-definitive decline of this remarkably splendid monument. Thanks to the immense efforts of its current owners, the castle has been preserved for us and will continue to endure for future generations.

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Location capactiy

max. 200 people


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1 km

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Prague Airport

80 km

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15 km


17,3 km


Křinec Castle

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289 33, Křinec

Czech republic

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