castle Kottingbrunn, Austria

Kottingbrunn castle just 40 km south of Vienna is the ideal location for your next big event.

  • kottingbrunn castle drone shot
    Kottingbrunn castle, lower austria
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    Kottingbrunn castle, lower austria
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    Kottingbrunn castle, lower austria

The most romantic castle in styria a mighty castle, enchanting gardens, modern art and a scientifically managed zoo in the Natura 2000 nature reserve - simply a place that tells stories.


In addition to its cultural significance, the moated castle is also a popular venue for events, especially as a wedding location. The historic rooms, such as the castle chapel, the stone hall and the inner courtyard, offer a unique atmosphere for the special occasion.

kottingbrunn castle fountain castle park

Close to home

Kottingbrunn Castle is an important cultural and historical jewel in Lower Austria. With an eventful history dating back to the 12th century, it has seen many different owners and functions. Originally a castle, it had been transformed over the centuries into a Baroque country palace. Today it is a listed building and is owned by the market town of Kottingbrunn. Today the castle houses the municipal office, a castle restaurant, a municipal library, a castle chapel and a castle museum. In the museum and in the courtyard you can get interesting insights into the history of the castle and the village.


Kottingbrunn Castle and its castle park are an indispensable part of the market town of Kottingbrunn and a must for anyone interested in history, culture and architecture.

Ready to plan your big event at Kottingbrunn castle?


Location capactiy

max. 200 people

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Municipal Archives Baden

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Airport Vienna

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Kottingbrunn castle

Schloss 1

2542, Kottingbrunn


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