castle St. Johann bei Herberstein, Austria

A stunning castle surrounded by enchanting gardens and right next to a Zoo, Herberstein offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and historical charm.

  • schloss-herberstein-frontal-ansicht
    Herberstein Castle, Styria
  • schloss-herberstein-luftansicht-mit-garten
    Herberstein Castle, from above
  • Herberstein Garten Empfang by Helmut Schweighofer
    Herberstein Castle, courtyard

The most romantic castle in styria a mighty castle, enchanting gardens, modern art and a scientifically managed zoo in the Natura 2000 nature reserve - simply a place that tells stories.

Herberstein Luftbild gesamt by Kasofoto

A gigantic ship made out of stone

Like a gigantic ship made of stone, it lies on the Feistritz - the Herberstein Garden Castle. You could also say: like a mighty, rocky wedge that carries 700 years of history within its magnificent walls, it becomes a contemporary witness of European history. Tales of magical creatures, reports of brave warriors and insights of great thinkers, but above all very personal memories are associated with Herberstein.

Gartenschloss Herberstein Florentinerhof by Kasofoto

As the ancestral seat of the Styrian family, the castle is today a place where tradition, art and quality of life blend wonderfully. Not only the fantastic halls and rooms of the castle are opened for events, but also the outdoor areas offer a unique ambience for unique events.

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max. 90 people

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Herberstein Castle

Buchberg 1

8222, St. Johann bei Herberstein


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