chateau Herálec u Havlíčkova Brodu, Czech republic

A place that breathes history

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    Chateau Herálec, Vysočina
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    Chateau Herálec, Vysočina
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    Chateau Herálec, Vysočina

Chateau Herálec, a remarkable destination brimming with historical significance, offers an inviting ambiance that will make you feel right at home.

The perfect combination of History and contemporary design

The fortress of Herálec, with its origins tracing back to the 13th century, bears witness to events spanning more than eight centuries. The earliest documented mention of the village of Herálec can be found in a record from 1226, issued by Pope Honorius III, during a time when it was under the ownership of the Želiv monastery. For a brief period, the local estate came under the ownership of Henry of Rožmberk, who later exchanged it with Jan IV of Dražice, the Bishop of Prague, in 1307. Subsequently, the property remained in the possession of the influential Trčkové of Lípa family for over a century and a half, establishing them as one of Bohemia's most powerful clans. The final member of the Trčka family, Kryštof Jaroslav Trčka of Lípa, sold Herálec in 1601 to Kryštof Karl of Roupov.

Over several decades, Kryštof Karl oversaw the transformation of the chateau into a one-story, three-winged structure with rounded towers. In 1623, the castle and the manor were acquired by Philip Adam, Count of Solms, a general in Wallenstein's army. Following his passing in 1708, the estate changed hands and was purchased by Michal Achác, a free lord von Kirchner, who added a chapel on the castle's first floor, including the exquisite oratory. In 1817, ownership of the castle passed to Countess Therese Trautmannsdorf of Nadasda, succeeded by her son, Jan Nepomuk of Trauttmannsdorf, in 1838. At his direction, the castle underwent a transformation into a neo-Gothic style, ultimately taking on the romantic form it retains today, complete with battlemented towers and an enchanting façade.

In 1861, architect B. Waschmann further gothicized the castle. In 1945, the castle was confiscated, and in 1948, it was assigned to the state-owned enterprise Czechoslovak Textile Plants. Since 1951, the castle has been home to a textile school, later serving as a boarding school for children with special needs after 1958."

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Since 2004, the Kasper family has held ownership of the castle, undertaking a comprehensive restoration project to revive the ruined structure. Beginning in 2009 and spanning 2.5 years until August 2011, this monumental and historically faithful reconstruction breathed new life into the castle. The contemporary design and amenities brought a sense of spacious grandeur to the castle while preserving the opulence of the castle's rooms and the splendor of communal areas. The chateau has been reborn as a luxurious five-star Boutique Hotel & Spa by L'Occitane, securing its place in a new era of grandeur and elegance.

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Chateau Herálec

Herálec u Havlíčkova Brodu

582 55, Herálec u Havlíčkova Brodu

Czech republic

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