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Discover Greillenstein, a neatly tucked away renaissance castle in lower austria, ideal to calm down enjoying the picturesque park.

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    Greillenstein castle, lower austria
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    Greillenstein castle, lower austria
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    Greillenstein castle, lower austria

Greillenstein castle, a hidden gem is the ideal place for an amazing day trip for your family and friends, ideal place to relax and calm down.


The castle has been graced with lush gardens since its inception. However, it was during the 18th century that the park and garden underwent a magnificent transformation into Baroque style. The grandeur of this era is reflected in awe-inspiring tree-lined paths, intricate balustrades and stunning sandstone dwarfs which still stand tall today.

The magnificent Baroque gardens that once sprawled between the palace and orchard were unfortunately demolished during the construction of a public road back in 1900. However, today this area has been transformed into an awe-inspiring landscape park that boasts breathtaking views and serene surroundings.

The castle, which is still owned by the Kuefstein family today, was inhabited until 1959. Finally, it was decided to open the house as a museum and to give visitors a vivid picture of life and administration up to the year 1848.

Calm down at Greillenstein

The first mention of a small fortified castle owned by the Grellen dates back to the 12th century. After the Grellen family died out around 1313, ownership changed several times, including to the Dachpeckh and Volkra families, until Hans Lorenz von Kuefstein acquired the castle by purchase in 1534.

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Greillenstein castle

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