castle Grafenegg, Austria

Grafenegg is the most important palace complex of romantic historicism in Austria. Discover one of the most beautiful parks in austria at Grafenegg

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    Grafenegg castle, lower austria
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    Grafenegg castle, lower austria
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    Grafenegg castle, lower austria

Grafenegg boasts an enormous park as well as a gigantic opan air stage, which serves as the venue for the Grafenegg Festival, which is equally well worth a visit.

grafenegg castle park open air theater

Most of the castle's significant rooms can be visited, including the chapel dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity. In the castle park is the open-air Wolkenturm stage, completed in 2007, with 1750 seats, and the Auditorium Grafenegg concert hall, which serves as the venue for the Grafenegg Festival.

grafenegg castle in autum

Romantic historicism at its peak

Grafenegg Castle has a long history dating back to 1294, when a small settlement called Espersdorf was mentioned on the site of today's castle. Over the centuries, the castle changed hands several times and was rebuilt. In the 19th century, the castle was fundamentally redesigned in the spirit of Romantic historicism, giving it its present form. Today the castle belongs to the House of Ratibor and is a place of culture. Since 1971, various events such as exhibitions, concerts, conferences, courses and, since 1976, the Grafenegg Advent have been held here every year.

grafenegg castle wall tower

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Location capactiy

max. 200 people

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Grafenegg castle

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