castle Drosendorf, Austria

The recently revitalized castle is an ideal place for your next workshop, business meeting or just a fantastic event

  • schloss drosendorf castle drone shot
    Drosendorf castle, lower austria
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    Drosendorf castle, lower austria
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    Drosendorf castle, lower austria

With its fairly recent renovation and reopening to the public Drosendorf Castle is fully equipped to provide all the essential amenities for a successful business meeting or workshop

schloss drosendorf castle main entrance
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A perfect combination of work and relaxation.

Drosendorf itself has all the ingredients you need to dream: lots of nature and history with a medieval main square, a particularly well-preserved town wall, a river, sunny meadows and shady avenues, flowering gardens and rugged cliffs. As the only town in Austria to be surrounded by a completely preserved town wall, Drosendorf's history dates back to the Neolithic Age - some 6000 years ago.

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With the town's strategically favourable location on a rocky ridge with the Thaya flowing around it on three sides, Drosendorf was always fiercely contested, but at the same time it was an ideal defensive fortress. Today it is not only a place of summer retreat as it was then, but also of serenity in the midst of the hilly landscape of the Waldviertel, where the water of the Thaya glistens and rushes over the weirs of old mills, crickets chirp in summer, lime trees exude their scent, but culture is also writ large.

Ready to plan your big event at Drosendorf castle?


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Drosendorf castle

Schlossplatz 1

2095, Drosendorf


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