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Nestled in the foothills of the Brdy Highlands, just a short distance from Prague, you'll discover the charming rococo style Dobříš Castle. If it looks familiar, it's likely from its frequent appearances in film and television, where it has been a popular filming location in the past.

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Celebrate your wedding day at Dobříš Castle, where the unparalleled fairy tale atmosphere promises an unforgettable experience that will beckon you back in the years to come. Whether you envision a classic civil ceremony, a church wedding, or a symbolic celebration, we offer comprehensive wedding planning services. From designing and arranging the venue to coordinating catering, floral arrangements, and more, we bring your wedding day dreams to life according to your unique vision. As part of our service, we also provide accommodation at the Hotel **** Chateau Dobříš, offering a total of 22 beds, including a romantic bridal suite for your special occasion.

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Explore the captivating allure of Dobříš Castle, where the stunning historic interior, the unique French Park featuring an enchanting orangery, a delightful four-star hotel, and a charming restaurant beckon you to discover its splendors. The castle's rich history dates back to 1630 when Bruno Mansfeld acquired it from Emperor Ferdinand II. Initially a Renaissance structure, it underwent a transformation into a baroque residence with a vast garden in the late 17th century. Unfortunately, a fire in 1720 left the castle nearly in ruins. The extensive reconstruction, led by Heinrich Paul Mansfeld from 1745 to 1765, bestowed upon it the present-day appearance, serving as a summer residence. In 1771, Heinrich Paul's daughter Isabella married Franz Gundakar Colloredo, giving rise to the Colloredo-Mannsfeld family. Their tenure in Dobříš persisted until 1942 when the German Reich expropriated the family. Subsequently, in 1945, the socialist Czechoslovak state confiscated the castle for use as a residence for writers. In 1998, Dobříš Castle returned to the family's ownership, leading to extensive renovations. Presently, Dipl. Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mannsfeld serves as the esteemed owner, preserving the castle's legacy and heritage.

A visit to the enchanting castle is a must, featuring a fairy tale-like ambiance with its captivating façade, the French Park, and the orangery boasting the largest façade painting in Europe. Beyond the orangery, you'll find the accessible English Park, open to the public throughout the year.

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