castle Blatná, Czech republic

A stunning architectural treasure nestled amidst the scenic beauty of South Bohemia's watery landscapes

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    Castle Blatná, South Bohemia
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    Castle Blatná, South Bohemia
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    Castle Blatná, South Bohemia

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The Hildprandt family

Blatna Castle and its surrounding grounds stand as a paramount historical and architectural landmark in the country. With its rich historical legacy, unique architectural style set amidst an idyllic park and water setting, and its well-preserved condition, Blatna Castle is a true gem among Czech castle complexes. Alongside Švihov and Červena Lhota, it ranks among the finest-preserved water castles in the Czech Republic. Its evolving architectural styles through the centuries bear witness to the region's changing artistic trends, and its association with the high nobility has played a pivotal role in shaping Central European history.

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castle blatna czech republic deer park

From its resilience during the tumultuous Hussite period, to the grandeur initiated by Jan's descendants, particularly Jaroslav Lev, who transformed it into a Late Gothic masterpiece with features like the distinctive entrance tower and the Rožmital Palace. Subsequent owners, including the Hildprandt family, made substantial adaptations, resulting in its present Neo-Gothic appearance. After a period under the National Heritage Commission and Communist rule, the Hildprandt family regained possession, with Friedrich and Cornelia Hildprandt's emigration to Ethiopia lending an intriguing aspect to the castle's exhibition. In 1989, the estate was returned to the Hildprandts, who are diligently restoring and welcoming visitors to this extraordinary historical site.

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max. 100 people

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Castle Blatná

Na Příkopech 320

38801, Blatná

Czech republic

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