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    Panství Bechyně, South Bohemia
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    Panství Bechyně, South Bohemia
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    Panství Bechyně, South Bohemia

A joyful place in the heart of the southern landscape in every season! no matter whether visiting or staying, bechyna will welcome you with open arms

In between two rivers

Originally, Bechyně was a princely fortified settlement mentioned in the 9th century, situated atop the southernmost rocky outcrop overlooking the confluence of the Smutná River and the Lužnice River. Before 1268, King Přemysl Otakar II obtained the property known as "the desolate mountain of Bechyně" from the Prague bishops and erected a stone castle here. In 1323, during the reign of John of Luxembourg, the town was officially founded and enclosed by protective walls. Over time, the castle was further fortified in the 15th century. The oldest part of the castle, renovated mainly in 1477 and from 1510 to 1527, still features sections of two longitudinal structures connected by a transverse wing. This wing was later joined to the newly constructed "Vok's castle" during the Renaissance. The fourth wing on the southern side of the courtyard was dismantled in 1791. Subsequently, the ownership of Bechyně changed hands again, with Petr Vok of Rožmberk governing from 1569 to 1596. He celebrated his wedding with Kateřina of Ludanice here on February 14, 1580. In 1715, after Maria Theresa of Sternberg's marriage to Jan Leopold Count Paar, Bechyně became the property of the Paar family, who held it until 1948, when the state confiscated the castle. It was then used by the Czech Academy of Science. Following the revolution, the estate was returned through the process of restitution and is currently owned by a company based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, known as Bechyně SE / Herrschaft Bechyne SE, owned by Josef Stava.

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This estate, encompassing 4982 hectares of forest land, 500 hectares of leased forests from neighboring villages, 282 hectares of ponds, the Bechyně castle premises, and other properties in Bechyně, is managed by the Czech subsidiary Panství Bechyně s.r.o. Most of the castle premises are available for rent for cultural and social events, including wedding ceremonies. During the summer months, various historical and cultural events take place here. You can explore photos of the Chateau grounds from different periods to see the castle riding hall, the granary, the chateau, and other spaces in their historical splendor.

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